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The LG Phoenix 2 (K371) is a smartphone manufactured in 2016 by LG for AT&T.

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Can I use a Lg Phoenix 3 Screen with a LG Phoenix 2?


So recently I dropped my Phoenix 2 and the lcd and digitizer don't work anymore? All I need to do is recover my data off the phone. USB debugging was also disabled. I also have a phoenix 3 at home. I was wondering if the LG Phoenix 2 and LG Phoenix 3 screens are interchangeable. At least just to get my data off of it.

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Hi @jailingineni ,

Looking at the specifications of the displays for each phone I'm don't think that they would be interchangeable.

This may be an option to consider depending on how important the data is to you. You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

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hi,i can use a phone lg escpae k373 to replacement on my lg phoenix 2 k371?? , have the same specs , everything is the same, i can use the chasis k373 screen,display touch everything ,for my lg phoenix 2 k371????


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