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The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 20332 is a two-in-one tablet/laptop released in the United States, October 2013.

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Why doesn't my laptop's power button work?

It's just super mushy and doesn't function as button anymore. To turn it on I have to use the small reset button next to it and I don't think that's very good for the computer. I've dropped the computer a couple of times, but the button just stopped working one day. Can this be fixed?

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Here are a few guides and teardowns that may help you along with a few places to find the replacement part.

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I have exactly same problem on my yoga 3 pro after getting it back from service for a faulty sdd. The power button does nothing, but has the white led light.

As you I go on using it by pressing the recover/boot options button. I do not think this harms the computer in any way, so I just go on living with this problem.

I dissasembled the PC to have a look at the connection of the button to the motherboard, but that dit not solve it.

(As a curiosity; the Type and Serial number from BIOS also disappeared after service.)

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