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Could an iPhone 6s screen be transferred onto an iPhone 7?

So I have a broken iPhone 7 screen and I have a iPhone 6s. Seeing that the dimensions and the display specs are very similar I am curious if it is possible if I could save money by just switching the screens. I want to know if this is possible in the first place before I go through the trouble of finding out how to go about doing it.

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I second that.


Do you know why?


Because it won't fit and it won't plug in and it will stay on apple logo boot loop if it plugs in.


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first issue is that the connectors will not connect to eachother.

however, even if you have the ability to manually jump each pin, the PLDs on the motherboard will not support the Logic Circuits of the 6S. You will unfortunately need to purchase an iphone 7 LCD assembly.

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Actually everything is possible if you are REWA


But from your perspective the answer is no. There is no way you could save money by that.

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