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Lançado em 4 de novembro de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponível como GSM ou CDMA / 64 ou 256 GB / Prateado ou Cinza Espacial. (Pronuncia-se “iPhone 10”.)

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Pressing on the back glass makes a squeaking sound

Hi All,

If I press on the back glass on the iPhone X I hear a squeaking sound like there is space between the back housing and a component. The OCD in me is driving me crazy. The sound is prominent around the Apple logo in the back.

So could be either battery not holding properly, some component connected to the coil or the glass hosing itself. Anyone else having this issue?

Bought it in the US and imported into South Africa. So no chance of me returning the unit. Though when I first got it, it was solid. Then when I bought the fast charging kit it use to heat up a lot. And now I notice this sound even when firmly holding the device. So maybe an adhesive strip dislodged for whatever it was holding.

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did you buy it refurbished? there is a posability that the glass, or adhesive they used was not to the OEM standards and is releasing aswell, in which case, some double sided tape between the glass and the rest of the phone should fix your issue


Hi, I bought them brand new from Apple in the states and used a forwarding company. Made the Nov 03 preorder. Only issue with importing I can’t return easily. So will have to pay for the local reseller in South Africa to repair


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That's possible although I wouldn't recommend opening it just yet to poke around. You should check this site to see if there is an authorized Apple reseller in your area. There's nothing wrong with being OCD about such an expensive premium device. I would expect it to be perfect too :-).

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Thanks managed to locate authorized resellers from the link. Will get in contact with them to book the phone in for assessment.


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