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Battery doesn’t hold the charge for long

Thank you already if you’re reading this

So I’m facing another problem with my iPhone 6s

After iOS update my battery won’t last more than 2 hours stand by or on screen use

I have already changed 2 batteries in 10 days thinking of the first battery was defective but i guess not

I have friends whose 6s working fine after the update but not sure what’s wrong with my iPhone 6s

I took my phone to nearest technician, he said that he will have to look into the logic board for some IC or something

Not sure what to do,

I have even tried restoring using all possible method ( DFU & iTunes restore )

The doubt I’m having is wether the problem is with the lastes iOS firmware or there’s something wrong with the logic board

One more thing if that helps

My phone is charging faster than usual and drains accordingly

Battery cycle is good, charges percentage by percentage no jump at all

Battery wear level is at 0% ( battery life app )

Pls help

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@aman did you ever get resolution on this issue? Just in the past 3-4 days, I'm having the same issue.


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Well apple said that they are releasing a new update that will fix that the software that made got messed up after released and I’ve had the same issue with multiples so all I can say is wait but till the new update then the new battery will keep your phone charged all the time!

If you have any questions or concerns please comment below! Thank you

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I’m already updated to 11.2.1, not sure how long i have to wait


The next update will be in about a month or two but it will 11.2.2 so it will quit then.


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The charger is probably broken and most likely to bring to store for new one

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I have 3 iPhone chargers tried all three but no luck


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