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Second of its generation, released in November, 2011, the Sony SLT Alpha-65V is a SLT (Translucent Mirror Technology) camera with a Sony Alpha/Minolta lens mount.

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Powers on but won't stay on or doesn't power up at all.

Powers on intermittently but powers off by itself. Confirmed good battery and A/C power supply. Switch, motherboard?

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Using the Sony battery, it will power up but will not power down with the switch, nor will it power back up. Screen goes blank. If I release the battery and reinsert it it will power up. I doesn't matter if I use the battery or A/C power adapter. I'm leaning towards motherboard although I have my questions about the On/Off switch.


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Check the internal battery contacts and clean with qtip and alcohol...I have cured a similar problem because oil contaminated the contacts.

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Thanks but I looked at those. I'm guessing the problem is with the logic board. I will post on here if that is the solution. Thank you.

por does sound more like a dry joint leading from battery unit to switch or board....forgot to mention...I take it you are using the bonafide battery from Sony?Because they have a chip inside and third party batteries will power up and the camera software detects they are not Sony and so switch off the camera.


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