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Repair information regarding tools used for a specific task like fixing, building, or cutting. Learn how to use tools that work to fix the ones that don't.

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please refer me a suitable heat gun and soldering station


Please refer me a suitable heat gun and soldering station for using ate electronic repair in good price.

Actually I want to use for iphone repairs for now but maybe in near future ,I use that for other electreonic repair too.


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I use this heat gun

and this soldering iron

and iFixit sells tools. a bit cheaper if you're on a budget

heat gun

Soldering station

Imagem de Heat Gun


Heat Gun


Imagem de Soldering Workstation


Soldering Workstation


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I had checked ifixit product but these two product are not available on ifixit canada :(


Aw darn shipping issues. How bout those links I recommended? I use those tools


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