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Is there a way to lengthen battery life?

After replacing my wife iPhone 4 battery and being on the brink of replacing my much newer iPhone 6 one, i was just wondering if there are any general hints about how to manage battery recharge and device usage so to lengthen battery life.

Some of the issues that come up to my mind:

- should i keep the phone off-grid till it is almost completely discharged?

- is constantly charging the battery shortening its life?

- should i avoid using it as car navigator (via USB cable) or thethered to the car stereo?

Are there any "best practices" that help with this issue?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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There are some best practices, this guide will help some, but as a general rule it is better to not charge your phone overnight or leave it while it is at 100%. Using it as a stereo will not hurt it, and it is always advisable to discharge it completely and let it charge to 100%. Also, if you do get a replacement, you discharge the new battery all the way before charging it. Hope that helped!

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This is helpful, but i'm still unsure about the meaning of "Using it as a stereo will not hurt it". I mean: to use it as a stereo (car stereo, that is) i have it tethered to the car stereo with the USB cable, isn't it meddling with the recharging process? BTW: thanks in any case...


What I meant is that using it as a car music player for fairly short periods won't hurt it much, if at all.


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To start this off-- I am no expert and have nothing to do so... this may not answer all you problems at all but

I do know charging more than needed CAN reduce battery life over time from what I understand. Some batteries that I have seen will say on them-- "Overcharging won't do this or that"

So unless its specified or Apple says so, I'm assuming its a regular battery and if thats the case it will cause damage to overcharge it, from what I understand.

You have Apple so I don't know for sure but Android phones will show Every single thing thats using your power.

For instance it will say

Wifi is using 20 percent power consumption and so forth- So see if you can find that setting in Apple and you will find out what takes more power than an other.

Having multiple tabs open could shorten battery life, so maybe only keep the one you have on. Turning brightness down can also increase battery life-

Any form of WIFI turned off could also help if you need some more seconds of life-

Other than that, you could look up more answers on youtube, maybe even get a higher battery from another phone or Apple phone specifically and maybe you could replace it manually? Im not sure if an Apple phone is easy to open but if you can, you could see if thats possible.

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