How do I restore my iPhone 5s?

I forgot my passcode and i dont have it synced yo a computer so i need to restore it but i dont know how. SOS!!!

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If you don't care for your data, plug the cord into the PC but NOT the iphone, and then with the home button held down plug the other end of the cord into the iphone. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR STUFF ON THE PHONE!

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im okay with losing all the data, im using this phone to replace the phone i had before.


OK. It seems Scott here has already helped. If you ever need any (repair related) help you can come back to iFixit.


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turn the phone off.

Hold the Power Button, and home button down.

continue holding these buttons while the apple logo comes up.

hold them until the apple logo goes off of the screen.

release them approximately 4 seconds longer.

This will enter "recovery mode"

You can plug it into itunes, and run a restore on the device.

A restore without entry to the device, will LOCK THE DEVICE to the password of your apple ID this is a theft prevention meathod. you may reset your Apple ID password through the iTunes Support if you have forgotten the password.


The Answer above mine is another, more simple way to enter the same mode. you may choose which way you like

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If you have forgotten your passcode you can say bye to your data. There is no way I have seen you can restore your phone. You can follow the steps Apple offers for forgotten passcode -

Personally, I like to login on my iCloud, go to find my iPhone, choose my device and press erase . Then you don’t even need a pc to do so.

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