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Dancing water speakers are computer speakers that feature jets of water illuminated by bright multi-color LED lights.

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Sound works fine, water won’t shoot up.

I bought a Sylvania water dancing speaker a while ago. Sometimes i have the tendency to leave my speaker on while i run a quick errand. I once left it on, thinking i wouldn’t take long — i was wrong. It stayed powered on several hours without any music playing, so when i got back i noticed the water wasn’t shooting up. Usually all i had to do was power off, & power back on to get the water to work fine again. This time it didn’t, the sound works fine. It lights up, but no water goes up.. Yet it’s still got water in it. Same amount as when i bought it. Can i easily fix this at home? Thanks!

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What my water not coming up wen i play music


Have soundproof dancing water tower speaker, sounds good but the water doesn't shoot out to the music what is wrong?


Help how do i take it refill water


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Open it up and use a multimeter to test for continuity of the wiring and see if you may have burned the motor out. Here's how to do surgery on it:

Water Dancing Speakers Refill

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I bought a Sound Logic Wireless Dancing Water Tower Speaker and i noticed the water didn't shoot up anymore what can I do to fix it at home?

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I have the sameone and the water stopped shooting up. Did you ever figure out what was wrong


same here so I took it apart and everything was naked just fine the motor was no longer turning so now I'm trying to find where I might order a new little motor which is really quite easy to wire into place , just two little sodering spots to connect it but i just started looking for the part


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My soundlogic BTS-600 won't stay on what's wrong with it I have to hold button for it to stay on

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