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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a cellular smartphone that was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 Model Number is SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, or SM-N910R4 for American variants.

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Phone won't turn on or charge after power outage? Is my phone fried?


I had my note 4 charging on a power strip while I slept. During my sleep, a power outage occurred. When I woke up, my phone wasn't turning on even though it was still plugged in. However, there was a red LED light showing on the top left (which means low battery). I took out the battery and put it back in to completely shut down the phone. Plugged the phone back in and the phone did not turn on or vibrate to indicate that the phone was charging. The power strip still works and I tried charging my phone with different charging cables, charging heads, and outlets, it still wouldn't charge/turn on. I even tried everything with a different battery and still didn't work. I tried soft resetting and boot into safe mode, didn't work.

Did the power going back on cause a surge and fried my phone's circuitry?

I don't really want to replace my phone at the moment. What should I do? Can it be fixed? If I need to get it fixed, where would I go to do that?


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I had the same probably but i used a computer charger and it worked until i woke up this morning


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Please be advised that myself, nor this web page can be held responsible for damage to any device, should an attempt at repairing one's own device fail. Always make sure to consider hiring a professional repair shop to fix your device for you.

Diagnostic steps for not charging:

1) Check for a blocked port (Lint build up can keep a cord from fitting in properly. if the frame of the plug is not flush with the device, using small tweezers, and being careful not to damage pins, pry out any dust or lint.

1) Try a Known Functional Cord. (Works on another device)

2) Excite the battery: Hit the + and - of the battery with an external power supply for approximately 10 minutes. (Be sure to verify you are using the amperage and voltage that the battery can handle. (Located on the battery with the specs.) I would not do this without properly designated tools, as if done improperly, can cause property damage of physical damage

If the device boots, then the battery is functional, and you can continue forward with your diagnostics.

3) Scan board, and Flex circuits for physical damage. Looking for signs of blown or chipped components. Scorch marks, or corners of components broken off. Replace as needed, and test again. A 10X+ microscope assists very well in this stage

4) at this point, plug in the device again, and check if it charges. if it isn't, then go forward with replacing the charge port itself.

5) if replacing the charge port does not fix the issue, then you are experiencing an IC or board failure, in which case, it will just be better to replace the device.

I hope this guide has helped you in your diagnosis.

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Hmm. I don't have these necessary tools or skills. A repair shop would be best then?


if you beleive you are lacking the prerequisites, i would then yes, suggest taking it to a hired technician


Is there any other possible explanations why my phone isn't charging/turning on?


without having been there, or being there to diagnose it, i can only give you a list of possibilities.

Failure in the Charge block

Failure in the Cable

Failure in the Battery

Failure in the Charge port

Failure in the Motherboard.

Did a power surge cause this issue? impossible for me to make that claim, but highly likely if the issue began immediately after an outage.


I think it was a power surge that did it since this happened during a power outage. Can damage from a power surge be saveable?


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Samsung is shutting all the Note 4 phones down. Happen to mine just now.

And there was a recall on some early note 8. I thought my new one was safe. They shut that one down too.

3 phones later with this note 8 will actually charge and turn on and off.

Note 4 & 8 both would barely hold a charge. Then it would say 100%On the charger to take it off to be lower percent, close to shut off. Then the phones completely shut down. Placed on chargers and neither would charge or turn on.

It is 100% Samsung, not you. You did all you could for your phone.

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Note 4 has a known issue of having issues turning back on when battery is completely drained. Most likely the old battery doesnt have enough juice to light up with charging indicators. Get a new battery with better durability and it should power back on but as i stated before note 4 is known to have battery issues so the older the battery gets the more likely it will happen again. My theory is even when a note 4 is turned off it still drains any battery that is in it still

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