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Why did my phone screen change colors?

I had my phone in my sweater pocket and while I was walking, it fell. When I turned it on, I saw a purple screen with black where it cracked (Top, near speaker area and Front Camera). It Can still turn on and make sounds but, I can's see anything but weird colors. I don't see any Motorola moto g 1st gens for sale on the Motorola website so, is there any way to fix this?

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This will be from the drop and the black would be the leaking of the LCD. To fix this you will need to get a new LCD because the LCD is damaged and you won't be able to fix it anyway else. You can find cheap LCDs from eh Motorola on eBay and high-quality ones on Ifixit. If you are doing this by yourself of course then follow the ifixit guides on replacing your screen.

Hope that helped

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