Samsung J5 touch screen/glass.


Wanted to know if the Samsung J5 2016 phone is touch panel with or without flex cable?

In Ebay, I found a front glass, now I think if I'll put it in, the phone will work?

I found guides where peoples changes only glass and the phone is working.

And I do not understand if there is no cable for this model touchscreen panel. I know that many phones have cable, but what about this?

Sorry for stupid question and bad english.

Update (12/01/2017)

This is what i want to replace.

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Separating the glass is very hard to do, it requires patience, a wire tool to separate the LOCA adhesive between the glass and it is very easy to damage the LCD.

If you can afford getting the whole assembly, LCD and touch screen you should go for that instead.

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In addition to loca glue, you also need to buy an UV lamp to set the loca glue.


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Glass replacement is a difficult process, you can find out how to do it here:

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) Touch/Glass Replacement

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Seeing your pictures, this is the easiest way to repair.

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Y, but lcd is working perfectly.


We all understand that, but the time, the risk, and the equipment for separating the glass from the actual LCD is not worth it.

The UV kit for Loca Glue is around $10 anyway. The price of just the glass is around $10. The risk of damaging the LCD when separating the glass is ridiculously high. Then you have to spend hours on removing the existing glue on the LCD that originally held the glass to the LCD.

Then when you apply the LOCA glue, you have to worry about if you put too much or put too little. Put too much and it spills into the phone. Too little it won't cover the whole LCD, so your screen wont work right. And if there are bubbles you are screwed because those are incredibly difficult to get out.


If you don't have enough experience you should contract it the professional workshop.


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