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Released February 2012, identified by model number 26299

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Scandisk file nikon 001.dsc won't open

Hello: When I put the scandisk from camera to computer, it wont allow me to open file nikon 001.dsc it asks me do I want to open or save this file. There's a drop down option that says save as, and save open. They both don't work. I would appreciate if someone, could tell me what I'm doing wrong. The pictures I take using the scan disk 16gb or 8gb can't open to see the pictures I took. Thank You

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I can not open my photos on nikon camara .


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@ejc1954, First, please remove your email from this post. This is a top google result and your email literally will be shared with the entire world.

For 'nikon001.dsc' this is not a human readable file. This file is created by the camera as a 'memory' so that it knows what card you put in the camera, and the photo count info.

Use the photo app on Windows or Mac to import the photos from the card. It will automatically organize your photos into albums .

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thank you very much,for taking the time to help me out!


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