System is shutting down prematurely

Hi there!

I am having the same shut down issue with my MacBook Air...

I've done everything, SMC & PRAM reset, unplugged internally the battery cable... bypass, you name it.

My coconut battery displays as is all good.

I has been !&&* for me to totally deplete the battery as it goes off automatically but I have been patient and managed to totally and absolutely drain it all, and then full 100 per cent. (twice)

But the same same same... keeps shutting off.

I live in a little remote island (Samoa), and If I don't fix it, nobody will.

Please, any advise... lit a candle to a Saint.... any advice! :)

Thank You! Alvar

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Update (11/27/2017)

I bet @danj knows the answer :)...

The behaviour, after totally depleting the battery and SMC etc seems the same:

  • You turn on, goes on, starts well, goes off
  • Turn on, doesn't
  • Turn on, goes on half way, then shuts down on its own
  • Turn on, goes all the way, play a movie 1 min, shuts down on its own
  • Turn on, doesn't go on
  • Turn on, 2 secs, shuts down on its own
  • Turn on, goes almost all the way, shuts down on its own

After I fully depleted the battery etc, seems to be the same behavior, maybe a bit better? mmm... Not sure about that, feels almost the same.

Should I be persistent and cycle the battery more times???

That is my question @danj

Thanks so much


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You likely have some corrosion on the logic board which is messing up the power control logic.

I would need to know which MacBook Air you have to even aim you to the correct location of the logic board. Alter the system by editing your question to the correct system.


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