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Only Proximity sensor not working after screen replaced


I replaced iPhone 6 display but I used my old and original (front camera and sensor cable & Home button assembly) for that.

Everything works properly except proximity sensor.

(Front Camera + Ambient light sensor + Reciever + Touch + Touch ID + Home Button , ... : OK! :) / Proximity Sensor : Not OK :( )

I re-opened the unit and re-check everything, I didn't see any damage to any part (cable/sensors).

Because I was suspicious about the quality of newly replaced screen and I had read in the previous FAQ about screen quality, I brought out proximity and ambient light sensor and test it manually by wrapping by my finger, I saw ambient light sensor work when I covered by my finger but proximity didn't give the response to this action.

I already reset device in DFU mode and refresh firmware also.

I didn't know what happened after this replacement, It should be work.

Do you have any idea?

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I recommend trying another front camera cable which has the proximity sensor.

If still no good then you need to try another screen from a different supplier.

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