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Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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My psp Won't Turn on

I got a psp since last year and I opened to clean it and touch one of the wires and it stars to smoke or something.the wire is by the battery but when i plugin the AC and tride to turn it on put it only shows a orange light..... PLEAS HELP ME

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Miguel, is it a PSP or PSP Go? I would think that you either burned a fuse or an IC most like so its a fuse. Can you post a pic of where you touched the wire and it grounded out?


fuse blown replacing it will fixit...


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Miguel here is the link that will show you how to repair the power PSP Power fuse that should take care of the problem, unless the IC got fried but let us know how it is going. Good Luck

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link won't work


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That link is for the old PSP versions.

^^ Fuses for PSP GO.

The one on the right is for Audio - so the one *under* the metal shielding may well be your power Fuse. I would suggest testing with a multimeter to confirm.

I have ordered some DS F1/F2 power fuses to see if they are compatable but i dont believe they are rated the same.

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Yes you are right ;-) but since we still do not know which PSP Miguel Saavedra is talking about, now he has both and can take his pick. Good job.


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