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4.3" widescreen LCD display with a 333 MHz Processor. Model Number PSP98510. Repair for this device requires common screwdrivers and prying tools.

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PSP 2006 unable to detect battery but able to run on AC supply.

My PSP 2006 is unable to detect the battery (both newly replaced and old battery). When the psp is running on the ac supply with the battery in it (power indicator doesn’t light up), the battery information shows no percentage or other battery info but shows that power source is on external. May I know is there any solution to solve this issue? Or my psp is ready to go?

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It's normal for the PSP to not use the battery while it's plugged in and to show "external" as the power source.

My question to you is, does the console work if the power is unplugged? Does it run off the batteries? If it does, then you have nothing to worry about.

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Hi, the console does not work when it is running on the battery. Could it be a hardware issue?


I don't know if it's a hardware issue yet, there are some other things that might go wrong. Do you have the right battery cover? Does it sit firmly? The batteries need to be pushed in by that cover to make proper contact. Also, what kind of battery are you using? Is it the right type for your system? (not the one for the 100x series?)


Yes, I definitively have the right cover. Is the original cover and the battery making proper contact. I m using the original battery packs from Sony for 2000 series.


Can you please attach a picture of the battery contact terminals on the main board as you see them when you remove the cover and the battery?

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Psp is not working when is unplugged so what’s the issue?

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