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Screen glitching, white bars showing, no screen cracks

I own a iPhone 6+, which have some problems. I switched to android when it started happening, but i want to find out what the problem really is. So, sometimes my iPhone works just fine, with no problems. But then the screen suddenly wont respond, and when i the slam it against an object a few times it starts to work again. Sometimes its like a white bar gets dragged down from the top, blinking and going up and down. This started happening after i got my screen replaced. I took it to another shop, and they said there could be something wrong with the motherboard, and the couldn't promise a replacement of the screen would fix this problem.

If anyone could help me i would appreciate it!

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sounds like you have a phone with the notorious touch disease.. If the phone still has warranty I'd take it to apple.

Fixing it would require soldering if I'm not mistaken.

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You could try a new screen assembly , but if it still is doing it then I agree with nicolay.94 it's brobably the touch disease issue which was common on this phone and would require soldering o fix the logic board

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