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Help on iPhone 6 plus long screw damage


I recently ordered an iPhone 6 plus that I wanted to learn a bit of board repair on and sell it on as I usually do however I was hoping that this would only be a backlight filter replacement. I replaced the filters that needed replacing and the phone still has completely no backlight but you see the image when you put a torch to it. I have noticed there is long screw damage in the holes and I have got a diagram where the traces are.

Can anyone lead me through this repair as I'm unsure if I'm doing this correctly and I have also ordered some 0.1mm jumper wire that I think will be good for the traces. I have some pictures of the bottom right hole that I have tried to pick the layer off of but I don't see what is wrong with it. Can anyone please help me with this, I would be very grateful

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Other than the Filters, Have you checked shorts on Caps? and/or replaced the 2 Diodes, Coils and Driver IC's? Check D1501, D1589, L1503, L1589, U1502, U1580. If so, and they are good...and you still believe it is long screw damage, use a multimeter in continuity mode (With beep) to check the traces for breaks by probing one end of the trace to the other in exposed areas.

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I have checked the caps with continuity mode and there is no beep. I have had a look at the traces and there are 3 that are broken. I will highlight the broken traces on the picture of the traces


I would just add a dab of flux, tin the traces and the jumper wire and add 3 jumpers. test it and if working, add a bit of solder mask over the opened area. It is really hard to see the traces in the pictures, but if you have verified they are broken, then Yes, definitely add the jumpers


Thank you very much, I will keep you updated when I get around to doing that


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