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DVD won't load. Display shows "Loading" associated with some sounds coming from the DVD, but never loads the DVD. This is a common problem according to internet searches.

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remote control won't work with good batteries

I used the repeat feature on the remote and, after the first repeat, I couldn't get it to stop. I was able to get to the menu but then the selection hi-light continue scrolling thru the entire title list. I couldn't switch the unit off with the remote; none of the remote's functions were working. The DVD player was functional but not the remote; there aren't any other controls, one has to use the remote! Is there some sort of reset for the remote? The batteries are fresh. Thanks

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First, let's check to see if your remote is actually functioning properly.

Pull out your cellphone.

Activate the camera. The idea is a Cellphone camera can see a remotes IR light but a human eye cannot.

Point your remote's IR blaster to the cellphone's camera while you aren't holding and buttons down.

If you see flashing where the IR is, then you know already that the remote has a button that is stuck.

Now, if you don't see any lights, start pressing buttons, and you should see a blinking whenever you push a button. If you don't then the remote is completely bad.

Now if you have verified that the remote responds properly to each button.

Please provide the remote's model number, and perhaps we can find a reset for it.

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076DOKU020 remodel no.


bd2250ku is the model number


SE-R0047 Toshiba dvd remote


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