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Part of the Rebel Series, the Canon Rebel T4i is a Digital SLR with an 18 megapixel sensor with an LCD monitor. Also known as the EOS 650D.

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My camera is suddenly not taking pictures.

I push the button and it literally won't take the photo. I'm not sure if it's broken or what is going on? Do you have any thoughts?

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In my experience the actual manual focusing ring was stuck. It needed a gentle twist to unstuck it. This seemed to solve my problem.

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Yes!!thank you! It worked! Soo simple and it was frustrating me so much!


Brilliant! Thank you so much , this was an instant solution after going round in ever decreasing circles and getting nowhere.


THIS!!!! Thank you soooo much!! This is exactly what was wrong and I was losing my mind. Ha!


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I own a Canon 600D and I know I experience similar issues (not taking pictures when pressing the shutter button) with it as well.

What I do realize is if the camera is in MANUAL mode and the lens is in AUTO FOCUS mode, half press the shutter button long enough for the camera to focus on a subject (until you hear a short beep - if you configured the camera to make the sound once it has focused successfully) then press the shutter button after, It should take the shot.

Let me know if that works or if not.

You may also try the ff and see which one works:

[] reseating the SD card and the battery

[] changing modes to AV, TV, M, Automatic (A)

[] reseating the lens

[] updating the camera's firmware via Canon's website

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What's with my camera on my phone .it won't let me take no pictures it says camera close what's the problem

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i have basically tried everything that i might of needed to do but nothing is working . i am 16. i asked my mums photographer friend on the phone but even he cant fix it. pls help me.

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