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7.1 Megapixel compact point-and-shoot digital camera released in September 2006.

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Canon wont turn on.

I opened the camera to clean it and it was working, then after i closed it back up it stopped working. I push the power button and nothing happens.

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danielle, did you take it apart to clean it or did you just open the most common compartments? Of course follow the advise that Gabe wrote if you took it apart, always double check your work first. I would also make sure that the battery is inserted the right way and that the battery makes contacts with the posts. sometimes the battery connection to get knocked off or bend and do not connect. Make sure that you are working with a good battery that has a charge. Hope you get it working again and if not let us know what you did to the camera to clean it out. Good Luck

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Take it apart again and put it back together. Make sure all the ribbons are connected and you did not miss a thing, that is most likely what happened.

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