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Why isn't my iPhone recieving touch imputs

I replaced the screen, only for it to not get any touch signals. I then put on the old one and same issue. I have since updated the firmware and still cannot find a solution. Any tips?

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What firmware version was installed and was your old one working before changing to the new one?


It was running 11.0 i think. It was working until i attempted to install the new screen. I tried updating it because of iOS bricking 3rd party screens but that hasn't worked


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Specifically with iOS 11 it is extra important that the battery is unplugged when any cables are being detached. I would try to clip in the new part (battery unplugged) then plug in the battery and do a soft reset. If that doesn’t work unplug battery and plug in original and try again. If that part is still the same then it is possible that the pins on the motherboard where your digitizer ribbon connect may be damaged. Let me know if that works though

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Hello. Unfortunately, when I reinstalled the screen with the battery unplugged, it still wasn't working. I don't think the issue is with the ribbon cable either, as neither screens work. Is the only possibility a bad motherboard? I have experience in computers and I don't recognize any bent or damaged pins.


It also seems to reboot when I turn it on. It shows the apple logo, then it flickers, and then it starts up. Doesn't seem normal to me


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