Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Date and Time are lost when reconditioning battery?

When I let the battery go to zero on my MBP 13" (mid-2009), I have to press the start-up button to get it to work again. There's a sleep image where it should be (/private/var/vm/sleepimage), but the system for some reason doesn't recognize or use it. In terminal, I've checked that the system is set to "sleep & hibernate".

Here's my problem (well, one of them ;) ): when the machine comes back on after reconditioning the battery, the Date and Time are set to January 1, 2001, and my home Wifi connection password has to be re-entered. I've reset the PRAM, the NVRam as well as the SMC controller according to Apple's guidelines. And yet it still loses the date/time/wifi PW after reconditioning.

My battery has 357 cycles, and the capacity is at 4246 (new: 5450) for a loss of about 20 minutes of usage time.

On older Macs, there used to be a small 2nd battery that was used to maintain basic low level memory parameters in the event of a total loss of power. Does this still exist on MBPs? If so, is it possible to buy and then replace it? Or is there another problem of some sort?

My MBP losing this basic stuff is really annoying...

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Usually I would say to replace the PRAM battery but I can't find where this machine has one so the date and time may have been lost if the capacitor that holds the time and date and printer settings was discharged. Try using the automatic time set in Preferences. Then disconnect from the internet, shut down and see if it now holds the correct time on restart.

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The Wifi password isn't saved in the RAM at all.. Its saved in the application Keychain Utility. This leads me to think its more software than hardware. Have you tried to repair disk and repair disk permissions under disk utility yet?

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Thanks. I've used D.U. to check permissions and repair. I've rebooted into single user and used Applejack to clean both system and user caches, and check both system and user preferences for corruption. I've checked and repaired my Keychain.

I also think it might be software related, but I'm finding this to be a real head-scratcher. What am I forgetting?


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I have the same problem. Did you ever find the solution?

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Here some solutions of this problem


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