My Motorola driod turbo shows "charging over USB "

My Motorola driod turbo shows "charging over USB " when I connect to my turbo charger. I tried many charges also ?

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The tension clips becomes depressed over a period of time go easy take a magnifying glass and proper tools gently lift up the pin in the charger\phone , be very careful while doing . The fast charges uses more pins than USB so one of the pins must be having issues. Repeating ::::if u r not confident dont do it take it to the repair tech ...

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Dear sir,

As per your problem that a two type of diagnosis result if may have a fault on you phone slot that a damaged and connected with two pairs together, second one is USB ic so…

I have to suggest you might have a problem in slot is changeable with MICRO B RECEPT RA SMT MID MNT perfect fit with middle of mother board and if not you want to replace USB ic …

I advies to repair in official service station. That can be changed usb ic if found faulty but other repair station are not able to repair this components…

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When I charge my phone (moto g4) by turbopower it charges over usb then I tried to charge with another charger and cable both it charges on account but while switches to old one it's again showing charging over usb and the speed of charging awful so I done many experiments

1. Changers (only cable) with same adapter says charging on usb

2. Changes (only adapter) with same cables is charges again on ac

3. Tried on other phones with same turbopower adapter it's shows charging on usb (tried 2 another Samsung)

And solution to repair the adapter or I have to buy a new one because turbo chargers are expensive

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