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Ifixit battery affecting performance at low power?

Hi All,

I replaced the original battery in my iPhone 6 Plus with an ifixit one and its like a new phone again. All the laggy performance issues I had have completely gone. Mostly.

When the phone is on very low power under 5% the performance falls through the floor; frames missing from animations, apps taking 30-40 seconds to open up then crashing and finally reboot cycles.

Is there a reason for this?

When replacing the battery initially I had no idea it would fix my performance issues, though it does make sense that as the battery wears out its power output would lessen I presume it is a similar situation this time. As the battery runs down its power output dips slightly.

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Interesting how this older question came up ...

Looking back, we now know that his was caused by Apple throttling the CPU when the battery degraded or was in a low capacity mode (low charge state). You can read more about this here.

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I have had problems with 3rd party batteries before but I am no expert on what batteries are good or not but I always stick with the original batteries that Apple makes because I don't want any problems with them. It's worth speaking to ifixit about this and maybe they can offer a replacement or something but I buy genuine Apple batteries from eBay which are used with only a few cycles.

Hope I helped

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