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It's called kapton tape

I've been looking all over for this tape, including ebay, but all I'm finding is a shiny metal tape used in electronic repairs such as railroad cars or radios.

Am I spelling this wrong or doing an improper search?

When I do find the right tape and should I use it just on the cables that connect to the logic board?

Thank you in advance. MackDog

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Thanks Mayer, is there anything you don't know about powerbooks? Do you ever get bored reading and responding to our goofy questions?

I'm sure it must be a real drag at times! Just KNOW that I, as I'm sure all others do, truly appreciate it!

Just one more quick question from my query above.

"When I do find the right tape should I use it just on the cables that connect to the logic board?"

Thanks!! MackkDog


The tape will take up to 500 degrees F. Use it on anything you want to hold down. Thank you so much for the compliment. Yes, I get testy at times with really poorly asked questions. The site has also done a lot for me. My diagnostics skills have greatly improved and my web searching abilities are much better than they were a year ago. What better way to spend my time than in helping others?


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