need to microsolder phone

hello. i have an iphone 6s whos screen was black but touch screen still worked (voice over on/off worked also) so i replaced the screen, but still have the same problem. my guess is that it's the logic board. where can i send this in to get it fixed? thank you.

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rad gabucci that will depend entirely on where you are located. Any answer on here will not be objective since we may have different preference. I suggest you use your favorite search engine and look for microsoldering. Make a couple of phone calls after and make your decision based on that information.

Now this is not to say that those great professionals are not members here. Check the business site of this forum on here and look through a few of those. There are about a handful of people that you can contact for help with your iPhone.

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It appears your backlight is not working. The iPhone 6S backlight circuit tends to blow easily, especially when folks forget to disconnect the battery prior to removing or installing a the screen. Unfortunately, this would not be a DIY fix and you would need to find a micro-solderer to do the repair.

As for repair, look locally for a reputable shop that does micro-soldering repairs. Ideally, you want to find someone local but good workmanship trumps locality. There are many shops worldwide that do this so you shouldn't have any problems finding them. Talk to them and ask how they do their work. Focus on troubleshooting, as opposed to shotgun replacement, and good practices like proper cleaning of boards once completed etc.

If you can't find one locally, then consider mail-in repair. There are several reputable micro-solderers patrolling this forum. You can click on my profile to learn more about my services, at the very least, it can serve as a data point.

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