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Why is only bottom 1/4 of LCD working after screen replacement

My Ipad air first generation got smashed including the back case bent and I was told it couldnt be repaired to insurance paid out for a new one but left me with the old one so I thought I would see what I could do with it.

I bought a new rear case and managed to strip everything out of the old case and install in the new (even managed to get the batteries out without even bending them). powered it on with no lcd or digitise and it connects to my PC, makes the right noises and also is connected to my wifi so looks like it could be working order.

I went to the next step and bought an LCD from ebay and connected it up. When it cold boots the apple logo appears in the middle of the LCD but then when the swipe screen appears only about the bottom 1/4 shows. The rest is black. I have tried disconnecting the battery for a while a trying again and same thing. Sometimes the top of the screen is there briedly but then disappears.

Does anyone have any suggestions. The LCD connector on the board looks OK - no damaage. COuld the issue be the screen? I have contacted the vendor about it who suggested that it was caused by wrong installation but them offered me 40% refund, upped to 70% when I went back. I havent accepted anything yet. The suggestion that it is bad installation sound like he is fobbing me off as it is only one connector involved. Also, the fact that he is quick to offer me a partial refund and I keep the screen suggests that he wants me to settle so he doesnt have to give full refund. if it is true that I have damaged it then he wouldnt have to give me anything.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions on what I should look at?

As an aside, I also bought a new digitiser which I connected up but doesn't seem to work at elast on the bit of the LCD which is working. I havent removed any screen covers etc for that. SHould it would before it is installed against the LCD?

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i think your new lcd is broken,try a new lcd...if still the same...you maybe damaged the logic board...

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Two quick questions. 1) I assume that the LCD should work OK without the digitiser connected. 2)does the touch screen work "independent" of the LCD, by which I mean if I connect the digitiser to the main but but leave it floating away from the LCD, should it still work if I do the right guestures at the right points on the digitiser .



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You could have a bad LCD but given the damage your device sustained, I would also consider damage to the logic board. Ideally, this has to be looked at by a micro-solderer. There could be an issue with the LCD driver circuit or the PMIC supply power to the LCD, Touch etc.

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Thanks. My only comment to that is that the original broken LCD showed some sort of display all the way down the screen, albeit rather broken up due to the damage to the LCD. When I removed the main circuit board I did look at it closely and couldnt see any damage but of course cannot rule it out. What makes me a bit wary of the LCD itself if that the vendor came back to me to say they have had a number returned with the same issue and that they have identified the issue was wrong installation. I would like to get a known working screen to test with but not sure where I can go to do that.

Thanks for the reply anyway. It is helpful


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The LCD was not working. After afew back and forths with the seller in which he claimed in was broken due to my error in installation, he refunded me and said he didnt want it back. Bought a second hand genuine one and it is fine.

Thanks for all the answers

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