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The Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 features a 5.5-inch, 1080 x 1920 display powered by a 1.5 GHz processor. Released in June 2015. Models 6045Y, 6045K, 6045O, 6045I.

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Why does my phone shuts down or get stuck in boot loop?

Hallo there, I'm looking for couple of hints to clarify the situation.

My phone started to randomly shut itself down and then either working again (showing battery status properly) or starting up and just after booting into system the battery is shown to be 0% and it shuts down immediatly after or its just looping in boot. After some reaserch I decided to open the case and reconnect the battery. It does in most cases allow me to boot again to the phone directly after (skipping the loop if was stuck there) but it doesnt fix the problem.

One very important thing - this issue happens when phone is moved or shaked, it works perfectly as long as it lays peacefuly on the table. So I assume that it is some sort of hardware issue. (I did factory reset already - no change)

Can battery replacement fix this? May it be purely motherboard issue besides the battery port area? or rather the port for battery is somehow disfunctional? If so how to aproach troubleshooting and fixing such a filigrane part? (Its unison phone, battery has a cable connecting to MB with tiny 6 wired plug)

Huge thanks in advance for all willing to spare some minutes on the topic! :)

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Just curious if it does this with the charger connected?


when the phone is stuck (somewhat not recognising the battery connected properly) after plugging in the charger it will turn on and keep on looping. (the battery status light is blinking). If i disconnect the charger and turn the phone manualy on - it will do the same thing but just once and stay off. If i shake the phone, wait some time or manipulate with the battery (or mixture of all :P ) it will eventually work again for a while - properly charging and showing normal battery status.



Trying to eliminate possibilities.

As you state that it only happens when you move or shake it I'm now thinking is it because of where you are holding it when you do this.

Perhaps you are applying pressure somewhere which is causing a connection between points which shouldn't be touching each other if you get what I'm saying.

When the phone is stable (i.e. resting on the table) try just using 1 finger to press on points that you would normally touch (when holding the phone) and see if you can make it happen at one point only.


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Take a look on this page.

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