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In June 2017 Apple updated its 13" MacBook Air with a newer Broadwell Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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Fan running really loud

Hi, about 1 month ago I spilled a little bit of coke on my MacBook Air 2017. I turned it off really quick and cleaned it with isopropylic alcohol and a tooth brush. After doing this, it turned on again, but it worked really slow, with the fan working really loud. Apple diagnostics gave error PFM006 and a camera error. Again I proceeded to clean it again, but more in detail. After cleaning the logic board, the computed went back to normal.

Today, after 5 days of working normally, the fan started to run really loud again. The difference now is that the computed works at perfect speed.

After using temperature gauge, it gives every temperature normally (in green), except for one which appears and disappears which is "PECI SYSTEM AGENT". The fan is running really fast, at 6500 RPM, and the sensor diagnostics says that the GPU sensor might not be working properly.

Please I need some kind of advice to solve this problem, im really disorentiated.

Thanks in advance

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Coke also has a lot of acid in it besides sugar (great for cleaning pennies!)

Sadly, it sounds like you missed some areas on the logic board. You'll need to fully remove the logic board and remove the heatsink to then bathe the logic board in Distilled Water (not tap!) so you can clean off the rest of the Coke (good 5 minutes). Then shake off the distilled water and give it a second bath in 85% isopropyl alcohol which will act as a drier to remove the remaining water. Still you'll need to give it a good day on a warm sunny window sill to let the isopropyl alcohol dry out.

You'll also need to clean off and apply a fresh coat of thermal paste on the heatsink.

If that still doesn't solve the problem the acids have eaten though a trace and/or shorted out a component or two on the logic board. At that point you'll need to get down to the board level to repair the damage.

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Thanks for your answer. I will proceed then with the steps you suggested. Just to make myself clear, you suggest that:

1. Remove the logic board and the heatsink and place the logic board in a bath of distilled water for 5 minutes. shake the water out

2. Place the logic board on a bath of isopropyl alcohol for other 5 minutes.

3.Place the logic board on a warm sunny window for a day.

4.Clean and then apply thermal paste on the heat sink.

5.Place the logic board again on the computer and pray god it works.


Yep you got it! You'll want to clean off the thermal paste before you do the water bath (use a cloth with isopropyl alcohol) and a slightly warm bath will be more effective in melting the sugar.

And cross your fingers ;-}


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Maybe try and install a new fan, you could have damaged it by cleaning it.

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I had the same symptoms but without liquid damage. After resetting SMC and NVRAM/PRAM, I took it to the local Apple Store and they advised me to change the logic board at vast expense. I did it myself for far less money but frustratingly still had the same problem.

The guy who sold me the logic board advised me to change the cable from the trackpad to the logic board. I payed €8 for the thing and it solved the problem immediately! Apparently the trackpad can also sometimes get damaged and also need changing too.

I have no idea why trackpad cable damage should make the fan run at full speed but I assure you it’s the case. The guy from the store assures me it’s a common problem and that once software has been ruled out it should be one of the first things to check.

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@reeshaar - Yes! The trackpad cable and the trackpad its self can cause the fan to ramp up as there is a thermal sensor on the trackpad which can fire off SMC into Safe Mode (as the sensor line is broken) or incorrect temps.


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