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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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No Video/Signal, BLOD, sometimes works

So I just picked up a PS4 for dirt cheap, the guy said the drive grinds and has a hard time ejecting discs. So I brought it home, opened the unit up was dusty as can be inside so I cleaned it out and cleaned the disc drive rollers - drive makes no noise and takes a random cd in and ejects it no issues.

Now when I power the unit on I get the BLOD, No Video Signal on the screen. I tried a few things around the web about safe mode (no luck), unplugging and plugging the cable back in (no luck). Now what's odd I was able to get the output to show 2-3 on the TV and it stays on as long as the unit is not powered off. I did try different HDMI cables.

My fan spins up I can feel the air blowing up the rear, hard drive clicks on and works. However my issue appears to be the no video/signal.

I checked the HDMI connection and from what I can tell it looks clear in there however the cable does not go all the way in as it should.

Hoping to get some ideas on what could be the culprit and what course of actions should I take to fix this thing. Some also said to use some sort of washer fix below the power supply?

Here is some images of the HDMI slot itself and how far the cable goes in.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Well I totally dismantled the unit, so the HDMI connector goes in fully and thats how it should be - quite surprised as typically I've only seen HDMI plugs go in flush. So I inspected the HDMI closer and it looks good.

I pulled the metal plate off and pulled the motherboard out, wiped the old thermal paste off and applied new paste. Buttoned everything together again and started the signal - no luck.

After turning my TV off/on the signal showed up, the blue lights turned to WHITE and and it went through a "checking system storage status" screen, after that it rebooted. Blue lights.. I tried again and it boots in with White Screen and asks for a Controller connection now.. which I don't have so I'll have to pick one up.

I think I might be getting somewhere here, still I am not sure if my issue is HDMI IC related or perhaps the graphics chip where I applied the new thermal paste - old stuff was old dried up and falling apart.


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Awesome you got picture. The next thing I'd try you are going to need the controller for and a USB drive. You're gonna wanna go here and all the way at the bottom you'll find info for reinstalling your software not just updating.

Block Image

You'll want to click the download now text follow it step by step. Then after you're done plug in your usb drive and put the ps4 into safe mode to start reinstalling or reinitializing software.

Let me know if this helps.

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So I installed the newest 5.0 update, it went well. The system was in rest mode all day long, got home and installed the update.

Booted into the PS4 menu, setup the system using my account etc. However it appears I got more issues.

Basically if the system fails to boot, as in I am getting the BLOD what helps is by me pushing down on the top of the unit with my hand for 5seconds. Then it typically boots up and instead of BLOD I get a WHITE light and see the screen on the tv. What is the cause of this?

Also, I picked up BF1 when I insert the disc it takes it, I can hear the drive working but then it says on the screen Unrecognized Disc.. I tried putting the system vertically etc but same error. I can hear the drive trying to read/jug away at it however it won't recognize the disc. At times it will read it and it won't even give me the unrecognized disc tile at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Do you have a picture of what you see on the screen?


Hey I haven't been getting my notifications so I checked to see if you replied and reread what you said about pressing down on the top. towards the right middle is where the CPU is. there's a possibility that if it was taken apart before the heat sink cover wasn't properly relayed or tightened that would explain the BLOD but don't think it has anything to do with spitting out disks. LMK what's going on and any pics if possible when you have an update man!


Thanks for your help!

The unit was never taken apart, I could tell once I opened it that nothing was tampered with. I should reword my phrases from last night.

When I put the disc in, it takes it and starts to read it. I hear the drive working and I see the small disc icon in the top right corner flashing. 1minute of that and then it simply says "Unrecognized Disc" on the dynamic tile. I tried a few times no luck. The disc stays in the drive and ejects normally. I did pull the optical drive out last night again and cleaned the laser it with Rubbing Alcohol 70% - will report back when I get home with the results, as I didnt have time to put it back together last night. I will also try a DVD movie and see if it reads that.

Now in regards to the BLOD, basically if I have the system off apply some pressure on the top with my hands the system boots in. I put 1 washer under each peg of that CPU/GPU brace as i read about it online and not sure if this is helping or not. Maybe I should add another washer? I am assuming just metal washers (very thin/flat).


You're assuming right on the washers. I usually still add a little thermal paste as the older model does have some issues with that.

Yeah let's see what happens with the drive once you put it back together tonight!


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