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Produced in 2013, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX30 is a waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof digital camera.

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Replacement Blue Door Seal

Hi there, I have recentlly managed to loose the blue door seal which keeps the battery in place. The whole camera now unfortunatly does not work which is such a shame! I have been searching everywhere (including eBay) for a spare part but cannot find anything, do you have any usggestions at all? Thank you!

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Here's a guide for when you do get one:

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX30 Battery Cover Seal Replacement

Here's the whole battery cover door for sale.

You got this!

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@alphapeaches Thanks for the start on your profile, as anticipated it is interesting. I have not followed the links yet and early await your picts ;-)

You seem to be a kindred spirit. With your thirst for knowledge you you'll have no problems. My profession didn't exist while I was in college either.


Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for your really helpful reply! It's defiantly a good start! Its not actually the battery door, its that little blue leaver in the picture you've attached above. My new thought is that I may be able to find that part in another camera model? I will report back if I find anything!


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