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This LG Tribute smartphone is identified by model number LS660. The device was released in October of 2014 and runs on the Android operating system.

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My phone wont turn back on

last night, i couldn't sleep so i was on my phone until'l it died after that i put it on the charger so it could charge while i sleep at first it was charging perfectly fine but when i woke up and picked it up it wouldn't turn on, and no it didn't overheat i tried pressing the power button down and the volume down at the same time but nothing, there was nothing wrong with my charger or my phone it wont turn on

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@alexbelle14 this could be coincidental findings of a failed battery. It may have gotten discharged beyond it's threshold and just no longer holds a charge. Start with a new battery. This will also give you a known-good starting point should further troubleshooting become necessary.

Anything deeper than that will require you to disassemble your phone and check the charging port as well as the power circuit

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This happened to my LG TRIBUTE HD for Boost Mobile (9/17). No one could figure out why after buying new battery. Ended up buying another device. Same model. After a week of having new phone, I inserted new sim card on old device & it powered up. So put orig sim back in old device & it started right up and worked. The new sim still works in new device.

Could you please explain why that occurred? What did putting a new sim in old device do? I mean how did it start functioning again?

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