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What is a good inexpensive Ram Tester

we work with 8500s, 10600s, and 12800s 204 pin ram pieces, and we're looking for a good testing unit that can test 1 piece at a time to see if it's working, and also to help identify mis-labeled pieces of ram or unlabeled pieces of ram.

i found a few units for around $3500, but we're not looking to spend that kind of money as we don't have that much mis-labeled untested ram. does anyone know a reliable inexpensive unit that would work well for this?

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Have you considered using an old laptop with MemTest86? That's what I use to test ram, and it's a cheap option. I just have one plugged into an external monitor and I keep the rear panel permanently removed.

- Jasen

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thanks.... i'll look into that


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