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iPhone 6 will not power back on after replacing glass

A few weeks ago my phone screen broke, and I just replaced it. I was still using the phone, so I know there was no damage to the digitizer or anything on the logic board. Me being cheap, along with not wanting to get an after market LCD that might have bad coloring, I decided I would just replace the glass, especially since I knew there was no damage to the digitizer.

So last night I finished replacing the screen. I took the broken glass off by using a hair dryer on low to melt the glue and then carefully removed the glass. I put on the new glass with LOCA, cured it, and then replaced all of the components. However, when I reconnected everything and tried to power the phone back on, it wouldn't turn back on.

I'm pretty sure it's not just the LCD not working, because I tried turning it on and then using the side switch to turn the vibration on and off. I also checked if it was the battery by making sure it was charged, doing a power cycle, and trying to turn the phone on with the battery unplugged but the charger still connected. I also went back and checked the screws and made sure everything was connected properly.

When trying to charge it, there's no ding to signal it's plugged in. Also, when I connect it to my computer it is recognized by iTunes, but there's a lock on it so I can't do anything. I've left it charging over night, tried leaving it disconnected from the battery, but it still won't power on. I also don't believe it's a backlight issue because I tried shining a strong flashlight on it but there's no image.

Also, every time I tried reconnecting the cables or doing anything, I disconnected the battery first, including before I started taking it apart the first time. The only thing I can think of that I did wrong was not wear gloves when I put it back together. When I took it apart I was wearing latex gloves, but when I put it back together I forgot to put them back on, probably because I was excited to have my phone back together. I don't remember feeling any shock or hearing anything, but I was sitting on a fabric couch with my feet on carpet and my phone on a wooden table. This is the only thing I can identify where I might have messed up.

Any ideas? I've heard of micro-soldering to fix something, but I'm hoping to exhaust all options first. I also haven't taken it in to a shop because I'm cheap and I prefer doing things as much as I can myself. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Easiest way to check out if it might just be a damaged LCD or LCD cable would be to pop down to any repair shop and ask to test a working screen just to see if that might be the problem. If you come prepared with the screen detached I doubt they'd charge anything for that.

If a known working LCD doesn't do anything for it then I'd put my focus to the front camera as a busted front camera can sometime stop the screen from turning on in rare cases, easily test this by not connecting the front camera flex when testing out the screen.

If neither works you'll have to test the Backlight IC and for that you need a voltmeter, if you feel like you're good enough at soldering you could try and replace it yourself, just make sure you're using the right temps and that it really is the backlight IC that needs replacing beforehand.

In the future I think it'd be worth to it to pay a bit extra to get a preglued or preowned screen, take it from someone who recycles screens and knows just how big a hassle iPhone 6 screens are to glue properly with nonprofessional equipment.

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