MacBook Pro temperamental works on hdmi out but does not operate integ


My macbook displays images only on the hdmi output. The integrated screen has been changed whole. The apple logo lights but soon goes off. The built-in screen turns on but turns off and even does not display images. I have already restarted smc and nvran. The fans are functional slow and it heats up. The curious thing is that when I disconnect the trackpad the fans work normal and it returns to normal temperature. The impression I have is that it lacks energy in it and when you turn off a part the ones that remain connected work better. Anyone have any suggestions?

Meu macbook exibe imagens apenas na saída hdmi. A tela integrada foi trocada inteira. O logo da maçã acende mas logo apaga. A tela integrada acende mas apaga e mesmo acesa não exibe imagens. Já reiniciei smc e nvran. Os ventiladores funcional lento e ele esquenta. O curioso é que quando eu desconecto o trackpad os ventiladores funcionam normal e ele volta a temperatura normal. A impressão que tenho é que falta energia nele e quando desliga uma parte as que continuam ligadas funcionam melhor. Alguem tem alguma sugestão?

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Did some accident happen to it?


Yes. The girl who sold me had an accident with water. I changed the screen because of this, but the old screen also had the same problem. On the hdmi output works perfect. The trackpad and keyboard work perfect, it just seems like the macbook runs out of power or low power and it gets hot. I'm sure the problem is on the logic board. My question is whether it is a component problem that malfunctions and can be easily changed. Thanks for taking an interest in my problem. I've never had a mac and I do not know anything, any help matters


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