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No signs of power but power adapter and battery are ok

Hi people. When I connect my Acer Aspire V5-471G to the power adapter there is no sign of power. I already did the process of "pushing the power button without batery" but it does not work (although it resulted before). Could this be a problem on the motherboard? Does anyone knows how to fix this or have diagram that could help? Thanks in advance

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@jfon how did you test the AC adapter and the battery?


Hi oldturkey03. It was tested on another Acer laptop.


Kevinbritain: I'm going to try that, hoping that the motherboardis ok. Thanks for the suggestion.


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From what you describe it sounds as if the mainboard has failed.. if the cpu fan spins when ac Adapter is connected and you press the power button then a simple test would be to remove the ram and press the power button.. if you get error beeps then that means at least the mainboard is communicating with bios, if nothing then unfortunately it may be dead..

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