Entering DFU mode from Apple logo bootloop

I have an iPhone I am trying to get into DFU mode that constantly boot loops when it is turned on. I am using 3U tools but cannot get the phone to stop looping and enter recovery or DFU mode. It also red screens regardless of whether the proximity sensor cable is connected or not.

Maybe it has a damaged NAND?

Or is it just something I'm doing incorrectly when trying to get it to enter DFU mode?

I have managed to get an iPhone 4s to enter DFU mode using the same technique.

What is the best technique I should be using? There seems to be a variation on how long to hold each button when searching online.

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The red screen sounds like a NAND or "hard-drive problem". Check the home button to see if it is functioning. You might have more than one issue.

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Thanks. I can't really tell if the home button is working on the phone but it does work on the iPhone that I bought off ebay for parts that turned out to be activation locked! I think it shuts it down faster pressing both buttons compared to just using the power button but it may not be the case. It also has a crack on the top LH corner so I'm also thinking that it's probably only good for parts.


Okay good luck


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Bootlooping and red screen can be due to a number of issues.

Sometimes you are able to enter DFU:

- Connect to iTunes/computer;

- Press and hold Power Button for 2 seconds;

- (while still holding Power Button) press and hold Home Button;

- Hold for 12-15 seconds;

- Release Power Button only;

- Wait another 12-15 seconds or until you see a prompt on iTunes: "iPhone in restore mode detected;"

- Restore and if it throws an error, let us know which one.

Anything that messes with data lines can mess up the software and cause red screen.

History can help determine the cause:

- Bent/damaged logic board;

- Liquid damage;

- Battery or battery gas gauge;

- USB logic IC;


- Prox sensor;

- Etc.

You usually need to fix the issue that caused the firmware corruption before you can restore the phone.

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Thanks. I'll give it a go and report back.


There isn't any liquid damage but the screen has cracked on the top LH corner so it may be pointing to the cause being drop damage. The screen assembly works perfectly on the activation locked phone however so that should rule out faults in the screen and the proximity sensor? I haven't tried swapping over the logic board but it may be worth a try?


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I had a iPhone 5 that had a bad battery and started to bootloop so it may be the battery also and in other to go in dfu u need to plug phone to computer then shut it off and I'll tell you the way I found to put the phone in dfu mode after its connected to computer and it's off press and hold power and home till the apple logo goes away release the power button but just keep holding down the home button till your computer makes a noise and says found phone in dfu mode.

FYI I have a extra iPhone 5s battery from a phone I bought for the screen.

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Thanks. I put the battery into the activation locked phone and it charges properly and doesn't loose charge quickly. So I presume that rules out the battery as well?


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