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Replacing The DC Power Board

I need to replace the DC powerboard on my powerbook. The AC adapter won't fit in and I suspect the tip of an adapter has broken off inside.

My question is the take apart guide directs a complete tear down and I'm not sure that's necessary.

I believe it's possible to simply remove the left speaker, PCMCIA cage, and unplug the cable from the DC board to the logic board.

Can I do it this way and avoid doing a complete tear down?

Thanks. MackDog

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The guide is far from a complete teardown, maybe you looked at the wrong one. Here's the correct one: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz DC & Sound Card Replacement

I've done a lot of these replacements and followed and written these guides. Every once in a while I find a unnecessary step but not often.

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Thanks again Mayer, I guess I always saw the guide with the nine steps before getting to the DC Sound Card removal.

I want to remove the card so I can open up the back of the round barrel where the AC adapter plugs into as I've found that is the easiest way, for me, to eject broken AC pins.

And if that isn't the problem I have another card I can install.

Either way one more experience, more confidence AND another valuable lesson learned on this incredible site!!

Thanks again to all of you for keeping this site up and going and to Mayer for helping me with this problem!!

I really appreciate your experience and willingness to share your knowledge without ridicule or scorn!!



The middle bracket of the DC In port will sometimes pull out a quarter to a third of an inch. I use a small pair of hemostats to first dislodge then grasp the broken tip and remove it


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