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Ifiixit digitizer screen sometimes does not respond to touch.

Ifixit screen and digitizer replacement sometimes does not respond to touch.

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I double checked all screws and connections. The touch works most of the time but acts like it is frozen periodically.


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Morning friend,

When you did the replacement did you verify that you put the proper screws in place? I strongly encourage to open the unit again and reinspect your work.

Follow the guide here take note of the screws, disconnect the battery, reseat the cables to ensure they are seated properly, and try again.

If that does not work, there could be an issue with the part. Just ensure that no plastic was left on that part while you open the device.

Hope this helps.

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Hey there!

I recommend talking to our awesome customer service team over on this page if you think the product is defective. If you're worried about troubleshooting, could you let us know more about the intermittency of your issues? Is it a certain spot, or just at certain times? I recommend making sure that your connectors are properly seated as well and that your display bracket hasn't moved anything out of place.

All the best!

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