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Motorola smartphone released June 2016 with additional features called Moto Mods (Speakers, chargers, etc). At the time of its release, the Moto Z was the thinnest smartphone ever (5.2mm). Model numbers XT1650-01 and XT1650-03.

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Can't the WiFi on . Can't shut off the phone with out holding the power

I been to trying to get my Moto z force Droid to go the factory reset. It's asking my for a password and I try everything I know . Plus it's not letting me shut off the phone. I need to literally hold the power button for 15 minutes and it restarts it. The WiFi is not turning on . Etc...

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Go to recovery mode and reset it that way.

  1. Power off your Moto Z first of all.
  2. Now, press and hold Volume down + Power button together until you see anything on screen.
  3. Use volume buttons to bring up the recovery option on the screen.
  4. Now use Power button to select the option, and reboot into recovery mode

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