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Why won't my phone connect to iTunes after replacing the screen?

Okay, so I had someone replace the screen on my iPhone 6s. In the process of replacing the screen, he disabled it. So when I went to plug it into iTunes to unlock it, I plugged it in and it pops up immediately after plugging it in saying "iTunes could not connect to this phone. An unknown error occurred" so I tried updating iTunes, updating my computer, restarting both my phone and the computer and it still will not connect and is disabled... help!

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Turn your phone off.

Open iTunes in your compute

Press and hold home button while plug it with the computer and release the home button once you see the itune and cable sign on the screen. Same time you ll see you phone is connected to itune and will ask for restore or update. I would suggest you to restore it. But you can try updating it first in order to save your data. Don't unplug it until the process finished

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