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Android smartphone released on June 2015, produced by Samsung Electronics for the AT&T network. Model number: SM–G890A

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Doesn't charge via USB port

My Galaxy S6 Active is not charging by USB port and wireless charging is kinda random. Like when I put it on the wireless charger, it pause/resume 4-5 times until it finally starts charging. Also whenever it charges to 100% it keep restarting nonstop until I turn it off for about 10 min to fix the nonstop restarting.

Other functionalities working pretty good. It even holds charge really good after 2 years of heavy work.

I never dropped it and it never fell into water (even if it did, it shouldn't be an issue for an Active series phone). I also tried hard reset to see if it's a software issue but it wasn't.

Not sure what's going on with it. I was just wondering if it worth reparing it.

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I have the same phone, an S6 active, and although i do not have the same issue with my phone restarting at full charge and using a wireless charger (my phone works great using the wireless charger) it does not get ANY charge using the micro usb port. Unfortunately, as it may not be so obvious the issue was that the micro usb port for my phone most likely had a short from moisture in the port area. All that can be said about this is that whenever your port indicates any presence of moisture DO NOT plug in the phone charger via micro usb and instead do something to get rid of the moisture, like placing the phone in rice and/or using a cotton swap to gently wipe away any moisture.

To fix the problem of a shorted micro usb port you are most likely going to have to find a way to replace the micro the usb port that lays on the phones daughter board; either replace the micro usb port itself or, probably more practically, the daughter board itself. This is not an easy task and without the right tools or experience I would recommend just converting to a wireless charger like i did but to replace the daughter board you might want to look at Galaxy S6 Charging Daughter Board (T-Mobile).

As for the problems with your phone restarting on you at 100% charge, my guess is that there might be problem with the daughter board or the battery itself.... not quite sure though since I am not an expert. I would recommend the guide i linked though for anyone with a micro usb port that has shorted.

Imagem de Galaxy S6 Charging Daughter Board (T-Mobile)


Galaxy S6 Charging Daughter Board (T-Mobile)


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That part is not compatible, that is for the normal S6 and not the S6 active.


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I finally got this $12 kit from Amazon and fixed mine. It's been working pretty good for the past couple of months. The phone is not waterproof anymore though.

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