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2.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache. Released February 13, 2013.

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Why can't my laptop turn back on?

So i was doing something on my Macbook and got angry. And slammed my fist on the USB that was connected between the laptop and my iphone. The end of the cord that was in the laptop broke off and the metal peice stayed inside the laptop. The white peice and the cord were removed, as soon as this happened my laptop slowly lowered in brightness and finally cut off and it won't start again. When i put the charger on it flashes green and orange. How can i fix this to get my computer working again? Please help!

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The mag-safe is normal when plugged in the first turn green, then orange. It just means it is charging.

Use some needle nosed plier to remove the broken piece from the USB port.

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The charger does not stay orange it keeps flashing green and orange. And i already removed the broken peice but it still won't turn on


well lets start out by knowing exactly which MacBook Pro we are talking about so we're all on the same page. Get the serial number from the back of the machine, pul it on this link then tell us your findings:


Its a 2013 MacBook pro


well that narrows it down to 13 machines.


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Find or use macro setting on a camera w/o flash on,

but do use light source aimed into USB Port.

So we get micro-scope clear sharp view of port.

I just tried this, it's not easy, but it's clear full screen view.

Just no way to get it here at the moment.

Even one of the 4 contacts must be distorted enough,

bumping either into each other

Or one of them made contact to ground,

as a dead short.

If micro tooling cannot be fabricated as needed to

Straighten contacts,,

You'll need to have Port replaced.

That requires full tear down..

Might as well do other upgrades at this point..

Being its a MBP' - This s the Flagship of Laptops..

Good Luck,,

You can find every hardware upgrade option

available and easy to pick at OWC.

I've been going there since 05'.

Or maybe a Tech Agent here can as well.

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