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Nintendo Game Boy Advance, released in 2001. Repair requires only common tools and no heat.

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Why will game boy not play sound through the speaker when I took out myheadphones

Well I found a game boy advance and when I wanted to do was try out headphones on it and I did and turned it off and now it's not

playing sound through the speaker s

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Do you know if it was playing sound trough the speakers before you got it? Or did you just discover this problem?


It was playing sound when I got it


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Clean out the headphone jack with a qtip, may have to remove some cotton, and using 90% isopropyl alcohol


Ok, so since that didn't take, the easiest option for you would be to replace the entire motherboard. Yes. You could get away with desoldering the broken headphone jack, and soldering a new one on. However, and this would mostly be with the desoldering to be the issue, the knowledge of doing so would be taxing, without the knowledge of doing so. Also, I looked for specifically that part, and didn't find it an easy search. Here's a list of the part you'll need off eBay, and I'll list a guide on how to do so

Game Boy Advance Logic Board Replacement

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Well so far it has not worked yet but i'll wait a day or to


Ok. Check my updated answer


Thank u when I did clean out the head phone jack a few days later the sound came out of the speakers


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