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Why is my thouch ID doesn't unable and home button doesn't work?

Hello guys!

I just opened the iPhone, detached the camera cable and reconnected it, after that the home button stopped working and Touch ID is unable.

I made a reset, restored via DFU mode, but it didn't helped.

How is this possible, because I did not touch anything except the camera cable.

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Unplug the battery cable then plug it back in. Turn the phone back on and see if that helps.

You may need to restore the phone again if it's still not working. Make sure you backup any data via iTunes backup before restoring if needed.

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I've restored my phone twice, but touch id still unable. I'll try to unplug the battery cable.


unfortunately, it didn't help me ((


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When you opened the phone there should be a small ribbon cable that went from the screen assembly to the logic board that connects the home button (and the touch ID) to the logic board. Unplug and re-seat this then make sure you restart the phone (unplugging the battery and re-plugging it might also be a good idea) this should force your phone to reload the hardware and detect the home button again. I have done this several times to older versions of the iPhone. I think simply opening the case can sometimes loosen the cable enough to cause the home button to stop working.

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unfortunately, it didn't help me too ((


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