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"USB device drawing too much power" error on startup with no devices

"USB device drawing too much power" error on startup with no devices connected.

dear all, I've been doing some upgrades to a Mac Mini Model A1176. During the process I accidentally cooked the sound card but have replaced it and have sound working again. However I believe this accident has damaged something else on the Mini as I now get the above error every time on startup. This is irrespective of whichever OS i have installed; i.e. Snow Leopard, Lion etc. It also happens when no USB devices are plugged in. So I've got a feeling there's something wrong with the USB Bus, possibly due to the previous accident. I'm in the process of replacing the Interconnect board & hope this might fix things.

Has anyone had this problem and found a resolve or correctly diagnosed the cause?

best regards, SCH

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Your Series specs:

- First group Macmini1,1

- Second group Macmini2,1


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This doesn't look good here ;-{

Clearly you have more damage on the logic board. Are you able to read schematics and have the needed tools to do deep circuit diagnosis? You may need to find someone willing to do this or look at just replacing the logic board.

You might want to look at upgrading to the better board this series offered: Logic Board 2.0 GHz - Apple P/N 661-4447

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thanks for the speedy response Dan. I don't have the know-how to read schematics or do a deep circuit diagnosis unfortunately. But I concur with your suggestion; its probably something fried on the logic board itself. The error always appears on startup but is dismissed with one click of the mouse. All USB ports function normally BTW. So the options appear to be replace the board or tolerate the error message (it doesn't reappear again until next reboot). Do you believe there's any likelihood the problem/error will worsen over time?


Sorry guy, my crystal ball is a bit foggy today ;-}

No way to know what will happen here


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