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Model A1625. 2015 revision to Apple's set-top-box featuring an A8 processor and 2 GB of RAM.

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Ethernet connection not working, says connected even when not.

Network connection frequently goes out on my AppleTV 4 gen. using it over Ethernet. Tried to unplug to go to WiFi, still says it is connected to Ethernet.

Reset, factory reset, nothing allows me to connect over WiFi, Ethernet connection goes out sometimes every 5 seconds.

Not so bad on most apps but on Hulu every time the Ethernet goes out it pops up with a message that blocks out the whole screen.

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Are you running the latest firmware?

Have you tried a new Ethernet cable?


Yes to both. I have tried several different cables and even ohmed the quality one I'm using to make sure there are no issues. There are also no issues with my router, I've tried several ports with the ATV and they all test good anyway, all devices I have except laptops run etherent off my router. Manual vs Automatic configuration also makes no difference in reliability. I'm outside of warranty by a few months. Like I said, even with an ethernet cable unplugged it still shows it as being connected, preventing me from even using wifi instead of ethernet.

If Apple had a simple software switch to disable ethernet this would be a relative non-problem, but as it sits my ATV is almost a brick. I have to time selecting a movie on netflix in between network issues to get it to work. It went out slowly. At first internet wouldn't work over a long sleep period (night to morning, or during work) resetting the ATV would bring it back. It progressed to the situation described above.


When I said reset btw, I meant restart. When I said factory reset i did mean an actual reset. Neither of those do anything for the problem. In my research there are some other people it seems who have this issue, and there was a massive recall on ATV 3 for the very same problem.


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Let's give this a try: Restore your Apple TV through iTunes. Let's see if clearing the settings fixes things.

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I'll get a USB-C cable, give this a try, and get back. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi, I have the same problem - Did the Itunes restore fixed it?


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